Mega SD Firmware Update v1.05 R02

Terraonion has just released a new firmware for the Mega SD ROM Cart / ODE with quite a few updates.  Some notable additions are 100 more save state slots, the ability to preview your savestate, 3x faster ROM loading and support for Demons of Asteborg;  An extremely important addition, as it’s safer to use the DoA ROM.

Purchase the Mega SD here:
Download the firmware here:

Firmware 1.05 R02 Full List Of Changes:
– Add support for Demons of Asteborg
– Add 100 more extra save slots
– Faster ROM loading (around 3x faster)
– Save preview pressing button C when over a save slot. Press B to return
– Add forced region patching mode (recheck your settings, they might have been reset to Off). Previous firmware method applies when set to Auto
– Update Master System YM2413 instruments with the dumped instrument ROM
– Add support for Sonic Delta
– Improve SMS game detection by game ID, it will help supporting save ram for translations
– Fix some games having incorrect sound when RAM cheats are used
– Fix S&K not booting as standalone
– Fix Robo Aleste not booting
– Fix Might and Magic 3 not saving
– Fix Star Trek crashing if trying to load a game without any saved game
– Fix Phantasy Star 1 translation not saving
– Fix NHL ’96 not saving

Here’s a detailed video showing the features of the Mega SD.  There’s been a bunch of firmware updates and improvements since launch day, but the video is still a good summary of what to expect:

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