3rd Round of RetroTINK 5x Orders

Mike Chi has announced that the third batch of RetroTINK 5x’s will go on sale today, August 28th at noon NYC-time (4pm GMT) for everyone except UK;  UK folks will have a special checkout link which will be live one hour later, at 6pm UK local time.  Limit 1 per person, all orders are expected to ship by the end of September.  Please double check you have the correct address during checkout!

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:
UK Link is at the bottom of the above page, available one hour later.

Download the latest RT5x firmware here:
More info on the RT5x:

Below is a deep-dive video showing all of the RT5x’s launch day features.  Below that is a recent interview with the RT5x creator Mike Chi, where we discuss a lot of the details that went into making it.  And the final video is a short guide to updating the firmware on all your RetroTINK products (it’s easy).

…and for all the changes and new features since launch day, check out out follow-up posts that demo everything new:


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