Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware Update v4.18

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the MEDPro that fixes some SMS FM sound issues, adds some more savestate functionality and cleans up the system folder.  As usual, Krikzz recommends backing up the “MEGA” folder on your MicroSD before upgrading, in case you need to revert back.  More info below the links:

Purchase a MEDPro Here:  Amazon / Stone Age Gamer /
Firmware Update Files:

Here’s all the changes since the last firmware update:

  • Fixed SMS FM sound glitches
  • Save States update. Restore functions*
  • System folder hidden in file browser. Access to the folder via main menu

*In-game menu has two new items: “Restore Last Save” and “Restore Last Load”
“Restore Last Save” loads backup copy of save data overridden by the last “Save State” execution
“Restore Last Load” jumps to the point prior last “Load State” execution
System has two special save slots hidden from user
slot 99 stores backup copy of data overridden by last “Save State”
slot 98 stores the point where the last “Load State” was executed
“Save State” mechanism: system copies selected save slot to the slot 99, then write current state to selected slot
“Load State” mechanism: system copies current state to the slot 98, then load state from selected slot
“Restore Last Save” mechanism: load state from slot 99
“Restore Last Load” mechanism: load state from slot 98

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