Interview with Jeff from Marshall Art

I recently had a great chat with Jeff Roberts – A chiptunes musician who also works on official video game soundtrack releases.  It was awesome hearing Jeff’s perspective on what it takes to get a proper, accurate rip of a classic video game soundtrack, as well as the passion both he and some stores put into getting it out to fans.  If you’re a fan of video game music, music in general or just plan ole’ nerdiness, definitely give this one a listen – Check out the video above, or listen audio-only everywhere podcasts are found by searching for “RetroRGB Jeff”:

Jeff’s work:
Dragon Slayer Vinyl (Jeff’s Rip):
Lots of Jeff’s Contributions are sold here:
More of his work will be available here soon:
Jeff’s Chiptunes / Prog Band Marshall Art:

…and of course, here’s the video where I first became aware of the depth of Jeff’s work that sparked this chat:

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