Interview With Sega Saturn Shiro!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave and Pat from Sega Saturn Shiro!  I’ve been following their work for awhile now and am happy we finally got the chance to connect, as they’ve already contributed so much to the retro gaming scene!  I’d also like to welcome them as contributors to RetroRGB and am looking forward to being able to spread more love for the Saturn and the awesome people in the Sega homebrew community.  As always, these long-form interviews are available as a video and everywhere audio-only podcasts are found!  Here’s more links to follow and get to know the team:

Sega Saturn Shiro!:


Follow Dave & Pat Directly:  /

Also, please keep an eye on the 27th Saturn Game Competition!  We’ll be covering it here as well, but if you’re excited about Saturn homebrew, you’ll definitely want to follow it in real-time over on their site:

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