Rany Battikh

InfiniKey CPS1 De-Suicide Board

After announcing it back in February 2019, Undamned just showed the InfiniKey de-suicide board for Capcom’s CPS hardware.

While the CPS2 version of the InfiniKey revives all known B-boards (Capcom implemented the “Suicide battery” into the entire CPS2 catalog), its CPS1 counterpart will only resurrect the following 7 troublesome games (the remaining library is basically “suicide-free”):

  • Capcom World 2
  • Captain Commando
  • King of Dragons
  • Knights of the Round
  • Quiz and Dragons
  • Three Wonders
  • Varth

Undamned also announced the InfiniKey “Q-Type”, specific to the CPS Dash (aka CPS 1.5) hardware and compatible with all 5 games. He listed the boards functions and features through his twitter account:

Capcom’s CPS1 hardware is unfortunately “finicky” by nature and requires repair and maintenance most of the time, so products like the InfiniKey CPS1 will definitely help sustain life for the aging boards without the need for heavy modification(s).

Arcade Projects’ thread about the InfiniKey CPS1: https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/8337-infinikey-cps1/&pageNo=1