HD Retrovision Cables Back In Stock!

HD Retrovision have received stock of their Component Video cables, but have chosen to continue to sell them through 3rd party distributors.  Per co-owner Nick Mueller:

This is just a quick update to let you know that we received the next batch of cables and have begun pushing that inventory out to distributors. Our own store is going to remain closed so that we can continue making development progress. So if you’re interested in picking anything up, please check out Castlemania Games or Their websites should have info about when they’ll be updating their inventory for purchase. If you live in NYC, Brooklyn Video Games has a small batch of goods as well. You should check that place out regardless!

Also, their more basic component cables are available directly from (see links below).  These cables include the male-to-male component video cables, female-to-male extension cables and Playstation 2/3 Component cables.  All are extremely high quality and an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their setup!

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