John Romero Announces ‘SIGIL’ Expansion for 1993’s Doom

John Romero, one of the original creators of the 1993 game Doom has just announced that he’ll be giving away a free expansion pack in February for anyone who owns the original game.  The “megawad” is called “sigil”, is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode and picks up where the original left off.

In addition to the free version, Limited Run Games will be releasing two collectors editions, featuring artwork by Christopher Lovell, who’s done covers for Byzantine, Amon Amarth and many more, as well as exclusive music by guitar legend Buckethead!!  Pre-orders can be found here (no word on if they’ll be available at Best Buy ;p):  

$40 Standard Edition:

$166 Beast Box:

More information can be found on the main website and the most epic trailer I’ve seen in a long time can be viewed below:

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