GamesCare 8×2 SCART Switch Review

Here’s a review of the new 8-in, 2-out SCART switch from GamesCare.  This offers both auto and manual switching, simultaneous dual-output and optional WiFi control.  It performed great and I highly recommend it!

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In the video, I showed the scope results and while the results were good, my presentation of the results came out bad;  You can’t really see the voltage.  I really felt that seeing them all side-by-side was important though, so I wanted to post that picture here.  Please excuse the mis-matched time for the green shot – I must have zoomed in when checking the GamesCare switch to verify.  The voltages (BY-AY) are all that matter for this test though and all match (click all pics for full-sized views):

Also, I messed up the comparison shot.  To be clear:  The demo I showed in the video accurately demonstrated how the GameCare switch does NOT add any interference, but I didn’t use the proper RT4K settings for this type of demonstration.  You probably won’t be able to notice, due to YouTube compression, but stuff like this bothers me, as I might be accidentally mis-representing a product…so here’s some re-shoots I took:

…and here’s the originals below.  Notice the haloing outside the letters in “Mario”?  I don’t know how that happened, but it was definitely my fault.  Now, once again, even those this comparison wasn’t done correctly, it still perfectly demonstrated the point I was trying to make:  The switch doesn’t add any more analog interference then was already there.  I didn’t think this was worth re-editing, re-rendering, re-uploading, re-previewing and waiting a day for it to re-settle at 4K again, so I left these shots in…and once again, I doubt this will be visible on most people’s TV’s:


….and if you’d like more info on how I use the Oscilloscope, this page has everything you need, with the main “getting started” video below:

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