The Steam Deck Gets A Screen Upgrade | DeckHD

A new mod for the Steam Deck has just been released.  The DeckHD screen replacement kit gives the Steam Deck an upgraded display that is capable of resolutions up to 1200p.  As you may or may not know, the native resolution of the Steam Deck is 800p.  Additionally, the kit provides increased color accuracy of 87% sRGB coverage verses the stock coverage of 67%.

And at a price of $99 this may sound like a tempting proposition and a great upgrade for your Steam Deck, however, all these enhancements do come at a cost.  With the higher resolution comes performance impacts.

In my video, I run a few benchmarks that showcase the effects of running games at higher resolutions and it may come as no surprise that game running at higher resolutions will have a negative effect on frames per second.  Additionally, the the increased  processing strain on the console will also negatively impact battery life.

However, the folk over at DeckHD say that running games at the native 800p on their display will bring battery life pretty much back to stock and you can still enjoy the benefits of a more color accurate display.

I do have to say that despite these issues I am enjoying the DeckHD screen, but you have to ask yourself, are the benefits of this display worth the costs to battery life and performance?


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