GameDataBase Updated With Japanese GameBoy Catalogue

Ryōga has just updated the GameDataBase with over 800 titles from the Japanese GameBoy library.  Each game has the exact screen title, cover title, ID, region release date, developer, publisher, number of players and hashes for the ROM archived.  This is truly aiming to be the most comprehensive archive of this data out there, as well as the previous consoles Ryōga’s covered.  Check out the links, with more info below:

Public Patreon Post:
Main DataBase:

The GameDataBase aims to provide the most detailed information about every videogame (console, computer and arcade) for sorting purposes. It is free to use. The goal is to unify all this data in one place and make it useful for emulation projects like MiSTer, to make more efficient and specific searches possible.

I personally think this is an awesome project and hope the database will continue to grow featuring other consoles.  I also (selfishly) love that tags for 3D and light gun games are included as well!  While there’s tons of sites that host information like “all light gun games”, having it all in one place is a massive luxury.  As an example, if you search the SMS section for “3dglasses”, it’ll show results of games from each region that support the SMS active shutter 3D Glasses.

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