SCART Cleaner v2.0 Released

The second version of the SCART Cleaner is now available for purchase.  I did a long livestream demoing it, but here’s a very quick summary:  If you’re looking to connect RGB SCART cables from classic video game consoles into Datapath Vision capture cards, NEC monitors (like the XM29), or Extron equipment, this may be the perfect device to accomplish that.  If not, this device is probably not something you’d need.  Also, it’s NOT an “RGB to VGA” converter!  More info after the links:

Purchase Here:
Main Page / Review:

Just to clarify again:  This device is designed to accept 15KHz RGBs and also output the same 15KHz RGBs…just with “stripped” sync and a low-pass filter.  DO NOT let the dsub port fool you – It’s not “VGA”, it’s simply a dsub connector passing and RGBs signal.  If you’d like a better explanation, plus a thorough review, please check out the main page, or the livestream above.

Also, the SCART Cleaner is open source and you can make your own.  I strongly recommend just purchasing it, as it’s an SMD device that’s very challenging to solder;  This is not a “beginner project”.  That said, if you’d like to make your own, all the information you’ll need is included with the gerbers on the main page.

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