Fenrir Saturn ODE: 21-pin pre-orders open

Developer Ced has just announced that the 21-pin version of his Saturn Optical Drive Emulator called the Fenrir is now completed!  Pre-orders for both that and the original 20-pin version are now available from CastleMania Games:

Purchase Fenrir (choose version from the drop-down):

The best way to determine which Saturn you have is by opening it up and counting the pins on the drive’s ribbon cable.  Here’s more info for reference though:

While my original Fenrir review is missing some of the features and fixes that have been added since launch day, it’s still relevant and my overall opinion is the same:  This is an excellent ODE that’s still evolving, but is in great working shape.  It’s by far the cheapest ODE solution for the Saturn and it’s the one I recommend for everyone on a budget.  There are other alternatives though:

  • Fenrir = Lowest cost at $140, still a fully functional ODE
  • Satiator = Keep the original drive, use in place of MPEG card, use on multiple Saturn’s – Most expensive solution at $260
  • MODE = $235, Good for people who prefer using SSD’s over MicroSD

My suggestion is to choose the one that fits your overall needs and budget;  Don’t forget to factor in price of storage, or if you’ll want to keep your original disc drive.

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