Doom 32X ‘Resurrection’ Patch Released

A new patch has just been released for the 32x version of Doom that ads a ton of performance updates, new music, save support and a lot more.  It’s so impressive to see what could have been done with the 32x and the team who worked on this patch did an amazing job – In fact, support for the Sega Mega Mouse was even added, via code from Chilly Willy!  Please check out the video above for a demonstration of the new upgrade, plus see the linked post for the long list of features and credits in the main page for more info:

Download the patch here (Europe version of the ROM required):
Patching Tool:
Play on real hardware with a ROM Cart:

This port was also partially made possible by an anonymous donor, who’d been following Victor’s progress and realized he needed a 32x to ensure it would work on real hardware.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like that happen and I love that there’s so many good people in the retro gaming scene, who are willing to help.  That’s actually why you see “RetroRGB” credited in the notes – I was simply the middleman that connected Victor to the donor.

Once again, please check out Sega Lord X’s video and the page, for all the info you’ll need about this awesome upgrade!

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