Clear RGR Shells Progress Update

Retro Game Restore has posted progress updates for their transparent clear and smoke console shells:  The tool (mold) for the SFC has had its final tweaks and production should start soon – The picture above is the final sample.  Also, the Genesis/Mega Drive version is coming along and a new render and details are below.  If you were on the fence about getting one, now is definitely the time, as there might not be a second run, due to lack of interest.  You can currently pre-order all their shells directly from their main store, or through a US distributor (just click the drop-down menu to select clear or smoke):

Main Page:
SFC US Pre-Orders:
SNES US Pre-Orders:
Genesis / MD US Pre-orders:
PC Engine Clear Case:
PC Engine Controller:

The Genesis case design is mostly complete, with just the power switch and volume left to make.  It will also come with a sticker that would allow the user to choose if it’s a Genesis or Mega Drive version.  Hopefully there will also be a “High Definition Graphics” sticker offered for the top as well :P)

As discussed many times previously, the price reflects the high quality and low quantity:  Producing a high quality clear custom shell like this is extremely expensive and unless thousands are sold, the cost per unit has to be very high.  While these shells are expensive, they’re fairly priced based on cost to create and it’s totally up to you if it’s worth spending the money.  After seeing both the smoke and clear SNES shells in person (and previously the PCE version) I was convinced:  They look awesome and the plastic is equal quality to the original!  See for yourself in the livestream below (just skip to the end for a basic overview):

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