Blockbuster “VHS” Switch Game Case

8bitmods & Rondo Productsjust opened pre-orders on a hilariously awesome case for your Nintendo Switch games.  It’s modeled after a Blockbuster Video VHS rental case and can hold 12 Switch games and 4 memory cards.  The price is about $20 and it’ll ship mid-November.

UK Pre-Order:
US Pre-Order:

Stuff like this are some of my favorite ways to enjoy nostalgia – It’s perfectly functional, looks cool on a shelf and is priced fairly.  It’s also an officially licensed product, so no one’s simply cashing in on someone else’s IP…this is all legit.  Just make sure no one thinks it really is a movie you forgot to return 25 years ago and accidentally tosses twelve of your Switch games in the trash 🙂

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