Open Source Reproduction PC Engine Motherboard

Developer Cosam has just released an open source reproduction of the PC Engine motherboard.  There are no plans to sell these in any form, this was just a reverse-engineering project meant to help people in the scene.  If you’d like to build your own, you’ll need to transfer the proprietary chips from a donor PCE, however you should be able to use all new off-the-shelf parts.  More info below the link:


As you can expect, I’m really excited for what this could lead to. Imagine a version of this, with a modern RGB / S-Video circuit integrated…that lets you keep original composite video colors?  Also, the ribbon cable connecting the top board is a component that often fails – A new top board and a much better way to affix the two could be integrated!  Maybe a modern flex cable?  Or even just a push-down connector?

Also, while the PCE and TG-16 consoles have been fairly reliable, the Duo’s and Express are plagued with leaky capacitors.  While doing a chip swap is pretty hard, expert modders might be able to do it in less time than a full cleanup and recap might take.  Plus, leaky caps have already claimed the lives of many Duo’s out there.

I love seeing projects like that and am very appreciative that developers like Cosam would release them to the public!

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