Bliss Box Cables Now Available

The Bliss Box is a device that allows you to use original controllers on any USB-compatible device, such as PC’s RaspberryPi’s and a PS3.  The team has just announced that all controller adapters (as well as the Bliss Box itself) are now available directly from their web store, as well as some extension cables:

Previously, these cables were only available through pre-orders or Kickstarter, so it’s good to see all products listed just in a normal store environment.  One of the most important goals of this website has always been to preserve the original experience of classic consoles and using the original controllers can often be the most important aspect (along with lag of course!!!).  Devices like this help preserve the experience and were even one of the catalyst’s for starting the website, as one of the first pages ever written was a review of a controller adapter!

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