Atari Jaguar Pro Controllers – New Production Update

Update 09-27-2018:

Finally have shipping date from assembly plant. They will ship on October-22-2018 to me. So about a month to go.

An update was just posted (09-24-2018) to the Atari Jaguar Pro Controller project:

This project has taken a lot longer than I could believe it could unfortunately due to persistent delays. Just when I had started production what happens we found another issue to address. It is actually a design problem with the original controllers. If you shake the controller enough or drop it just right the PCB board can become dislodged slightly resulting in the button contacts no longer lining up with the buttons making it difficult to use them. We re-designed the inner case slightly adding some extra bracing and this fixed the problem. It was a rare problem that only occurred very infrequently however worth correcting before the run was started. I am still waiting for the run of 2000 controllers to be finished as this delay is what prevented their release so far otherwise these would have been finished. Almost there everyone I know this is painful!

For anyone unfamiliar with the project:  A replica of the 6-button Jaguar Pro Controller is being made, with a heavy focus on quality and accuracy to the original.  The goal is to make something that feels identical to the original, with a bit more internal durability.  They’ll be $60 each (plus shipping), with a minimum order of two required at the time of purchase.  These controllers will work with the Atari Jaguar, Atari ST2, Atari Falcon. With an adapter they will also work on the Atari 2600, Atari 8-Bit computers, Atari ST, Atari 5200 and PC systems.

More information is available on the main thread.  Please check the first post for “official” updates and for information on how to order one:

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