Another Look at the Analogue Pocket (Console and Accessories Review)

After getting my hands on the Analogue Pocket, I’ve had a few weeks to finally get aquatinted with the new FPGA based handheld.  Needless to say, there is a lot to love about this console.

The vibrant pixel dense screen, lovely GUI, fantastic feeling buttons, and the most accurate representation of original hardware, one would think that Analogue’s latest creation is a slam dunk.  That, for the most part, seems to be that case, however it is not without some flaws.

In the video, I not only go over the Pocket itself, but also many of the accessories that launched along side it.  This includes the screen protector, hard case, Game Gear adaptor, and Dock.

Check out my review video to learn more about my experience with Analogue Pocket.

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