XStation, PS1Digital Mods Installed and Demo’d

Voultar has just posted a video showing the installation of two highly anticipated, upcoming products for the PlayStation 1:  The new optical drive emulator called the XStation and the digital-to-digital HDMI mod called the PS1Digital.  Both are fairly complicated mods that involve fine pitch soldering, so I’d recommend professional installation services for both.

UPDATE:  John Linneman from Digital Foundry just posted a video talking about the PS1Digital as well.  Link below!

I’ll soon be doing in-depth videos on the functionality of both devices with all the information you’ll need, however you’ll need to make sure you have a PlayStation that’s compatible.  The PS1Digital lists compatibility with SCPH-55XX and 70XX series consoles and at the moment, the XStation lists compatibility with the SCPH-100x, SCPH-300x series and SCPH-5xxx series, however the 5xxx series is currently recommended if you’re purchasing a new PS1 just for these mods.  I chose an NTSC, SCPH-5501 console for mine and it seemed to work perfect:

XStation (US Seller):
XStation (US Seller + Installation):
XStation (UK Seller):
The PS1 Digital is available here:

The PS1Digital will have functionality similar to the DCDigital, so if you’d like a general idea of how it works, check out my previous review:

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