XStation Firmware Update

Rama has just posted a new firmware update for the XStation Optical Drive Emulator.  This update adds support for the MemCard Pro, as well as includes some tweaks and bugfixes.

XStation Firmware Download:
XStation (US Seller):
XStation (US Seller + Installation):
XStation (UK Seller):
3D Printed SD Mount:

While the XStation was already considered a very stable product, this release will allow Rama to now focus on adding new features, as there aren’t many bugs left (if any) to iron out!  If you’d like more information on ODE choices for the original PlayStation, please check out the video below.  The full list of changes to the firmware are listed underneath:

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • SD card access reduced when seeking, helping support more cards
  • data stream timings are now aligned to the I2S master clock only, no more reliance on the ESP32 crystal
  • Tales of Destiny 2 can now disc swap correctly
  • fixed Spyro 3 PAL (libcrypt)
  • improved Gex: Enter the Gecko FMV performance
  • improved seek accuracy and timing, helping titles that tend to hang on real hardware stay stable on xStation


  • Support for MemCard Pro and PS1Digital Game ID sending
  • automatically corrects bad EDC/ECC when needed (homebrew, fan translations, patched games)
  • PAL / NTSC selector for the loader
  • snappier button response in the loader

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