Weekly Roundup #235

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00:00  Welcome!

00:26  Xbox HDMI Status Update:

02:53  NGCD Technical Overview:

04:55  CDiRGB Boards at RetroGamerStuff:

06:44  Sega Master System non-linear blue channel findings:

09:39  Amiga 500 HDMI Out:

11:45  Warrior 64 Review and Repair:

18:37  Chimeric Systems Xbox HDMI Adapter Pre-Orders:

20:49  Jaguar Cartridge Shells:

23:20  CDiUSB Controller Adapter:

25:59  Magic Castle PS1 Released:

27:32  Nuon Iron Soldier Pre-Orders Open:

28:31  Giveaway!:  Please post in the YouTube comments to be eligible for the giveaway. I’ll try to find a better way to handle this in the future to include all platforms; I just didn’t want to ask people to sign up for ANOTHER service.
Xbox2Wii Adapter:
Xbox2Wii Pro (with SPDIF):
High Quality Wii Component Cables:

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