Voultar’s Dreamcast Mods & DCDigital Installation

Voultar has just released a video, showing some mods he prefers to do to Dreamcast consoles.  While he covers a few things, there were a few that stood out to me:

First, he showed how to recap and clean the internal PSU.  I strongly suggest people follow this method for aging or broken Dreamcast PSU’s, as opposed to using those aftermarket power supplies;  While some aftermarket are okay, it’s almost always better to just use the power supply that was originally designed for the console.  I really wish I’d showed and talked about this in my video from a few years ago!

Next, Voultar showed off a DCDigital installation, as well as an aftermarket case.  I love both of these mods and highly recommend them!  Also, while I think the new clear case looks absolutely awesome, it’s also nice to know that the hole cut for the DCDigital’s output port, isn’t being cut into an original shell…although that’s just my preference.  It was also great to see the output hole jig demo’d, as while it’s a small detail, it just shows how far Dan and Christof went with making sure people had everything they needed for a good install!

Another interesting mod is replacing the Dreamcast’s battery with a non-rechargeable battery and modifying the circuit to disable charge.  I spoke to Voultar about this and it’s a matter of cost & battery life:  The “ML” rechargeable batteries are expensive and don’t last as long as the much cheaper, non-rechargeable “CR” batteries.  I’ll be sticking with the ML on mine, just because I don’t want to do the CR mod, but sometime in the future, forget and replace it with an ML…although I don’t think that would hurt anything at all.  Regardless of what battery you use, adding the socket is definitely a good idea!

Overall, it’s a great video!  If you’re a Dreamcast fan, I highly recommend checking it out, along with my Dreamcast videos that also show some great mods and the DCDigital:

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