VirtualBoy No-Cut Video Port Mounts for the VirtualTap

The Furrtek VirtualTap gives new life to nonfunctional VirtualBoy units. Many of these units that will be brought back to life will have non-functional eye-screens. For these units we can install a replacement for the eye lenses that allow the new video ports to be mounted without cutting any of the original plastics. 

Download here:

I have made a few versions that can be printed and installed in your VirtualBoy to customize to your liking. 

  • Blank
  • VGA
  • Multiout (use db Electronics Mulitout PCB)
  • Power and Pallet Button
  • Power and Mini Din Socket (there is a clip to secure the mini din socket in place)

The multiout has not been tested, but it is based off the multiout design done by db Electronics 

This mod requires a VirtualTap installed in your VirtualBoy to function. 

You will need a few extra things for this mod.

Button for palette switch
5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack
Whichever video output connector you choose to use.


Jacob Proctor @tinkerplunk Requested this project and provided me his original VirtualBoy lenses to measure for this mod. 
You can see the mod in action on his system here: