Virtual War Zone – Virtual Boy Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders are now open for a new 3D wireframe tank game for the Virtual Boy, called Virtual War Zone!  You can purchase a complete in box (CIB) version with manual for $150, a cart + dust cover version for $99 and a ROM-only will be available to purchase after physical copies ship, for $40;  A digital copy will also be provided to anyone who purchases a physical copy.  The game is due to ship in Spring and there’s more info after the link:

Pre-Order Here:

We shared the demo for this game back in September and it looks like TeamVUEngine has been making great progress on it. I recommend checking out that post for a lot more info, but there’s a few other things to note:

First, the ROM will be compatible with the Hyperflash32 and HyperBoy ROM carts, however previous carts like the FlashBoy won’t work.

Next, Virtual WarZone supports some homebrew hardware accessories, such as the Link Cable for versus play and Kevin Mellott’s Rumble Pack, making this a pretty unique game.  Also, a battery-based SRAM chip is included to save high scores and gallery unlocks.

Overall, I’m excited to play the final version of the game!

If you’d like to learn more about the Virtual Boy, please check out the video below – The first 15 min shows all the amazing new hardware the homebrew community has developed, plus there’s some game demo’s for the rest of it.  One might argue modern games created by the Virtual Boy community are far superior to most retail games and I think this stream proves it!

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