Vectorlink: Vectrex Multi-Controller Adapter

Vectorlink is a joystick adapter designed by Brett Walach of, that allows you to connect any controller with a Wiimote-style cable.  That includes NES/SNES “classic” controllers, as well as Wii controllers and the nunchuck – All including motion control support!  They’re currently sold out, but a second run is being made:  The kit will cost around $70 and also includes an 8BitDo Retro Receiver that allows you to connect most bluetooth wireless controllers:

Vectorlink Kit:
Manual with more info:

As for lag, that’s not a concern for wired controllers:  The Vectorlink updates controller data at 2.5ms, but the Vectrex itself only polls the controller every 20ms.  Even when paired with the bluetooth adapter, you most likely won’t go over 20ms with a decent controller, making this feel comparable to a “frame” of lag on standard consoles…which is not something most people would ever worry about.

The adapter can also connect to wifi for updates and configuration, however that’s not necessary for it to function:  It’s still a mostly plug and play device, with the only “configuration” being paring your bluetooth controller, should you go wireless.  It can also offer auto-fire options, which are set through a button combination (just reference the manual).

There really are way too many options to list, so I highly recommend checking out the manual, main sale page and video above for more information.  Overall, this seems like the best controller adapter ever made for the Vectrex and something every owner should at least consider.

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