Universal N64 Replacement PSU

Game-Tech is now selling a replacement PSU kit for the Nintendo 64 that (when used with the correct external adapter) is compatible with worldwide power outlets.  There’s an optional clear cover for mounting, which would allow this to be 100% standalone with no donor parts required.  The price is $55 including the cover and an external power brick is required – I suggest the one linked below for reliability, performance and global compatibility:

Order here:
Required External PSU:

A few notes.  First, I think the clear plastic back would be an excellent fit for those Trogg Tech transparent cases.  Just my opinion, but come on, that’s cool 🙂

Next, you can use any 12v AC/DC adapter with a 5.5 × 2.1mm barrel size and a center positive tip.  I believe you can use a compatible Triad power supply as well, however none of the ones we currently use for retro consoles would work without an adapter, so I think just buying the proper one is best.

As for “installation” – You basically just plug it in.  You could choose to gut your existing N64 PSU and use its plastic as a shell, but I much prefer this method:  Simply press the pins on the new PSU right over the power supply pins on the N64;  With the N64 plastic case on, it will only fit in one orientation (shown above), so there’s no chance of getting it wrong:

Then, attach the barrel to the plastic cover and plug it into the new PSU.  Now, simply snap the clear plastic in place:

Once again, you don’t need to use this clear piece – You can open the existing PSU, gut it, then mount the replacement PSU and barrel jack inside (instructions are on the Game-Tech page).  If you’re going for a “stock” look (or just don’t want to unbolt the top cover of your console) then that’s the method to choose.  That said, I’m a massive fan of unique, no-cut mods like this one, so that’s what I wanted to promote here.  Besides, you might be able to give the original PSU away to someone who wants to rebuild it, so why let it go to waste?

And that’s it!  A cool-looking N64 PSU solution that (if combined with the right external brick) can be used worldwide!

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