Rany Battikh

Ultra CD RAM Cart available for pre-order

Castlemania Games just opened up pre-orders for db ElectronicsUltra CD RAM cartridge for the Sega/Mega CD.

The 4 Mbits Ultra CD RAM is essentially a memory card in the form of regular cartridge that can hold up to 8189 blocks of save memory as opposed to the official 1 Mbit CD Backup RAM cart (released in 1992 in Japan and 1994 in the US) that can fit 2045 blocks.

In terms of functionality, the Ultra CD Ram cart has the ability to copy save files from the Sega/Mega CD’s miniscule internal memory to the cart itself and vice-versa. If needed, users can also format both internal and cart memories.

In order to access the cart’s menu and navigate through the aforementioned options on Sega/Mega CD model 2 consoles, first insert the cart, then turn on the system, press Start on the boot-up screen and when the player screen appears, insert a disc into the tray, then select Memory. The same process applies with the front-loading Sega/Mega CD model 1, just without the need of inserting a disc.

The Ultra CD RAM pcb boasts an SMD coin cell holder so the switching procedure of the internal CR2450 battery only involves a screw driver to remove the outer shell.

The cartridge is now available in 2 forms:

  • Clear shell (Genesis/US CD compatible consoles only)
  • Black (Genesis and Mega Drive CD compatible consoles)

The Ultra CD RAM cart is now available for pre-order through Castlemania Games’ store, and is priced at $70. The clear cart will ship in mid-April and the black international version is expected to be delivered in mid-May.





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