The TurboNanza Brings Some Cool Features To The TurboGrafx

Zaxour recently released his latest creation, the TurboNanza.  This is a great mod that adds many great video output options to the TurboGrafx 16 which only outputs RF from the factory unless you have the official TurboBooster accessory from NEC or an aftermarket adaptor.

Whats great about Zaxour’s kit is that it’s an internal video solution which removes the RF modulator and, in its place, puts a familiar Sega Saturn style DIN.  From this new DIN, we can connect readily available Sega Saturn cables to get Composite as well as S-Video.  And if you have HD Retro Vision cables for the Genesis equipped with a Sega Saturn adaptor, you can also pull RGB from the TurboNanza as well.

In short, this kit allows you to output composite, S-Video, and RGB from the TurboGrafx 16 which is really awesome.

However, the coolest feature of the TurboNanza (at least I think so) is its ability to output stereo audio when playing Super CD ROM games from Kirkzz’s new Turbo EverDrive PRO.  As you may or may not know, the hardware limitations of the TurboGrafx only allows mono audio to stream when playing Super CD games from the EverDrive PRO.  This is because of the unique way Krikzz implements Super CD playback on the console without the official attachment, as well as the hardware limitation of the TurboGrafx.

Zaxour’s TurboNanza fixes this which is awesome!  So now you can enjoy Super CD games in glorious stereo sound and eye-popping sharp s-video (or RGB) without the need of an official CD attachment.  This is an overall very cool mod!

The only downside is that it does require some extensive soldering, however one of the great things about this kit is that it’s No-Cut and reversible.

To pick up your very own TurboNanza kit, reach out to Zaxour on Twitter.  Shoot him a DM and he’ll be able to square you away.

One last note, this kit works not only on the TurboGrafx 16, but also on the original PC Engine, as well as the CoreGrafx 1 and 2.

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