The Original GameCube Joy Cons vs Everything Else

Shank was recently a guest on Kevin Kenson’s channel, to discuss “GameCube Joycon’s” – Nintendo Switch controllers or docks that are designed to give you a “GameCube feel” when playing the Switch.  Since Shank’s video from three years ago (now at about 12 million views)was obviously an inspiration for at least some of these, he was a great guest to have on to discuss this.

RetroFlag Dock
PowerA Wireless:
PowerA Wired:
Retro Fighters Duelist:
Retro Fighters BattlerGC:
Retro Fighter BladeGC:
NYXI Wireless Wizard seems like a good choice, but they either have shady marketing tactics, or the weirdest trolls ever

…and, of course, here’s Shank’s original video:

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