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Tempest Gets Homebrew Release On 3DO

Tempest, the 1981 arcade game famous for it’s colourful vector graphics and which saw memorable ports to some of the more obscure home consoles such as Atari Jaguar as well as NUON – has now unofficially added the 3DO to it’s roster of obscure consoles thanks to the homebrew efforts of Retroloveletter!

You can download the ISO file from Retroloveletter’s github account, I had no difficulty getting it to run on flxel’s ODE on real hardware and it ran at a smooth framerate.

Link to the github page:

Here’s a video of Retroloveletter explaining the homebrew with some video of it in action:

With the release of the 3DO’s recent ODE, there’s been a surge in homebrew development for the 3DO including Biofury (also by Retroloveletter), an OpenLara port (Tomb Raider), an upcoming Mortal Kombat 2 port slated for next year, and now this excellent homebrew version of Tempest!

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the 3DO, and here’s to a future with even more homebrew support to come!