Alex Mitchell

Retron77 Firmware Updated By Stella Devs (6.1rc1)

Developer DirtyHairy has released a new version of Stella, an Atari 2600 emulator, for use on Hyperkin’s Atari 2600 emulation console, the Retron77. This update brings a variety of bug fixes and improvements from the main fork of Stella to the Retron77 build while also including some Retron77-specific features that improve the user experience. Here’s […]


Retron77 Community Build Updated

The custom “community build” firmware for Hyperkin’s Retron77 has just been updated.  This version increases compatibility, however some games still need to be played via a ROM.  For a detailed list of updates, as well as a full list of features, check out the post and first page of the topic on AtariAge: