MiSTer 3D Printed Case

There’s now a 3D printed case available for the MiSTer FPGA kit.  It can be ordered in different color configurations and has models for both the full kit + IO board, as well as the HDMI-only version with a fan.  Sadly, the glow-in-the-dark option isn’t available on only the IO ports, would might be a […]

Virtual Boy Game Display Stands

I recently picked up a Virtual Boy and couldn’t resist the urge to make a display for the only game I currently have Virtual Boy Wario Land It is a super simple design that prints fairly quickly!  Files are available in the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website here:  


RetroTINK 2x 3D Printed Case by collingall

Greg Collins is at it once again, this time bringing us a 3D printed case for the RetroTINK2x scaler!  For DIY’s, the case files can be downloaded from the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website (screws & filament needed are listed below): Alternatively, Castlemania Games will be selling them pre-printed, as well […]


UltraHDMI No-Cut Prints Now Available For Purchase

Greg Collins has just made prints of his free 3D design available for purchase through his eBay store: More information and the files to print your own version can be found here: Since I have been asked a few times for a listing, you can purchase the #UltraHDMI #NoCutMod directly from me, I was going […]


Interview with Greg Collins

Here’s an interview with Greg Collins, creator of some amazing open-source 3D print designs for the retro-gaming scene.  We talk about some of his favorite creations, how he approaches each project, suggestions for software & printers and plenty of other 3D-printed, retro-gaming awesomeness!  We even show his controller mod for the RetroUSB AVS Controller on-camera […]