Rany Battikh

SNES updates (February 2019)

Here are some small and interesting updates that happened during the last few days in the Super Nintendo scene:

First, following the announcement of the SD2SNES Pro, Krikzz is now offering the SD2SNES at his store for a discounted price of ~168$. (The original price was set at 197$)
If you’re still on the fence about owning an SD2SNES and you’re not interested in the new potential features of the SD2SNES Pro, then I would highly recommend jumping on Krikzz’s current offer.

Second, the recently released SuperEverdive X5, got a minor firmware upgrade (version 1.01) that addresses some behind-the-scenes bugs.

Finally, the Japan-only Super Famicom beat-em-up Undercover Cops just received an English fan translation. The game in its initial state is fully playable with complete English menus but non-Japanese speakers can now enjoy the back-stories of the 3 playable characters and some other story-related segments.

Now, when is that SD2SNES Pro coming out again?