SNES RGB + DeJitter Combo Board

Arthrimus on the Shmups forums has posted a SNES RGB board that also incorporates the dejitter mod.  It’s always cool to see two mods combined for simplicity and this project aims to integrate a switchable version of Markus’ dejitter circuit along with the high quality video output of Borti’s SNES board.

Arthrimus has tested a few revisions and is ready for others to test and give their feedback.  If you plan on installing it yourself, please take great care in the routing of the wires, as you’d want to keep everything as far away from the oscillator as possible.

OSH Park Link:
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On a personal note, I’d love to see this take a step further and integrate the SuperCIC board!  Maybe a design that solders directly to the bottom cartridge port pins, that places the THS7374 chip right next to the video output?  Heck, if done carefully, you can have the RGBs pins of the new board float right over the VIA’s and just require some pins to stick through;  4 quick solder point on the top and RGBs is attached simply and as close to the output as possible!  Then just have a separate breakout board for the Multi-Out and attach wires that way.  Just thinking out loud here…

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