Shenmue II US Dreamcast Game Found & Dumped

The cancelled and previously unreleased US localization of Shenmue II for the Sega Dreamcast has been found and dumped.  The game was originally released in Japan and Europe;  The translation / localization of the game for the US was started, but never completed, due to the demise of the Dreamcast.

Sega Saturn Shiro! did a full writeup with all the details you’ll need:

Shenmue II fans in the US have been able to play the superior Xbox version, since the team switched development to that platform.  In fact, copies of Shenmu II for the Xbox are still reasonably priced and playable on both Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles.  On top of that, HD Remasters are still available on the PS4 and Xbox One and were positively reviewed.

Please don’t get me wrong – In no way am I trying to discourage people from checking out the newly found Dreamcast version!  I always love seeing lost pieces of history found and I’m happy to see more Dreamcast games being discorvered.  I just wanted to properly set people’s expectations, as this seems like more of a “historical find” then something people might prefer over the current ways to play.  Check out John Linneman‘s awesome rundowns of all versions below:

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