Sentinel Supergun Update

Frank posted an update/reveal of new features he’s adding to the Sentinel Supergun, as well as a design change to a higher-quality 4-layer PCB.

I was going to leave this as a surprise but what the heck, here’s the new layout. PCBs are being produced as I type and will be shipped to me within a few weeks.

These are significantly more expensive to produce. They are a 4 layer PCB with a heavier copper pour, gold immersion and matte finish. This will be the deluxe version and is as good as it gets, if you have the money and want the absolute finest quality, this is it.

Sync options have been expanded. You can utilise raw untouched sync straight from the game board, raw sync passed through a sync cleaner, attenuated or line level output. Additionally you may also utilise sync that has been regenerated from RGB, attenuated or line level output, cleaned or left intact as composite video. This provides the option of having access to composite video straight from the main supergun PCB as an alternative to RGB.

RGB is regenerated, attenuated and buffered and output at the correct voltage and impedance.

Audio is safe and attenuated while still working with Cave boards. Mono and stereo options available for games that support stereo audio from the jamma edge. No chance of damage to arcade PCBs, speakers or any interconnecting devices.

Angled power, service/test switches, kick harness connector.

Upright RGB trimpots simutaneously adjusted by a single knob.

Dipswitch to enable or disable button inputs 4,5,6 from each player from the jamma edge.

Onboard voltmeter, 5V/12V selectable and onboard negative 5V generation.

+5V, +12V and -5V power LEDs.

Optional hat to provide player 3 and player 4 inputs.

Optional hat to provide s-video output and audio output via a 3.5mm audio connector.

The red shaded areas in the second picture depict the optional hats that dock to the top of the main supergun PCB.


Also, if anyone is interested in test footage of the latest Sentinal revision, check out Beast’s video: