Satiator “Spring” Update

UPDATE 09/03:  There’s now a second post linked below.

Professor Abrasive has just posted an update for his Patreon followers regarding the Satiator project:

This is the first post since his last update way back in June when he showed the near-final shell design.  According to this update, he’s been spending the past three months developing manufacturing test hardware which will guarantee the factory can fully test all Satiators before shipping;  Something crucially important that many small companies often skip.

While I’m still equally as excited for this project as I was when it started, it’s hard to see this update and not think about the amount of time it’s been in development and the time between updates;  The Patreon went live in February 2017, meaning many of us have been supporting monthly for two and a half years.  It’s my (Bob) strong personal opinion that people should approach monthly Patreon accounts (as opposed to goal-based) as a way to support the developer and not a specific project.  I’m very happy to have supported and will continue to as long as Professor Abrasive keeps his Patreon account open, however I’m supporting at a low level.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard from many people who support at a higher level (actual supporters, not just Patreon-hating trolls) who are getting frustrated with the lack of updates and I can’t help but sympathize.  Anyone who’s ever worked in product development knows how long things can take…especially when it’s not your main focus.  Anyone supporting a project like this should fully understand that, however, I (respectfully) hope Professor Abrasive considers switching to monthly updates.  I think even a “still on it, going smoothly, will check in again next month” would put more people at ease.

UPDATE 09/03:  Just four days after the previous update, Professor Abrasive has posted once more, this time confirming that large SD cards are compatible.  He’s attempting to implement exFAT support to make formatting easier, but even if that won’t be possible you can still use a FAT32 formatting tool to allow compatibility with pretty much every card on the market right now;  Professor Abrasive confirmed his 1TB card even worked!  For more information on SD formatting, please see this page:

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