RGB SCART621 Switch

Retro Gaming Cables is now selling a 6-in, 1-out manual pushbutton SCART switch.  This is essentially the same switch originally designed for the RetroTINK 5x, but with a standard socket-style output jack.  It also includes a 3.5mm audio output, if that’s easier for your setup.  The price is about $65 plus shipping and while I haven’t personally tested it, as long as nothing but the output connector was changed, you should expect the same excellent performance.

Purchase Here:
20 Inch (0.5m) SCART Cable:
60 Inch (1.5m) SCART Cable:

A few things to note.  First, since this is a passive switch, there’s no powered circuitry to worry about, which means there’s no compatibility or voltage issues:  What goes in, comes out.  You don’t get the sync-regeneration of something like a gscartsw…but this is a fraction of the price.

Next, it’s perfectly safe to use both the SCART port’s audio output and 3.5mm output at the same time.  While sure, there’s a chance of adding audio interference and dropping the volume, there’s no safety issues.  If you’d like proof, please check out the video I did that spent some time on this.

…and if you’d like to see the original switch in action, please check out the detailed post I did, as well as the livestream below.  And once again, while it’s a different switch, the performance should be the same.

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