RGB Blaster – New Cases, US Seller Added

Stone Age Gamer is now selling Krikzz’ RGB Blaster – A zero-lag, plug and play device that will get RGB from original Famicom or top-loading NES consoles, via a Genesis 2 MiniDIN. 3D printed case The SAG version comes with a 3D printed case in your choice of seven different colors, designed by Humble Bazooka; This way, you can have it match whichever console version you might own!  Check out the RGB Blaster in the short video below, which even demo’s light gun support!!:

RGB Blaster:
Genesis 2 RGB SCART Cable (same store):

While I absolutely love the RGB Blaster, a few compatibility issues have been found.  First, it won’t work with RAD2x or RetroTINK 2x SCART scalers.  Which is weird, because the signal looks perfect and it also works on the 2x Pro via HD Retrovision cables, as well as the RT5x and basically everything else.

Also, original consoles based on PPU RP2C02B, RP2C02D-0 may have issues.  And you may have to hit reset after powering on for it to work (not a big deal).  That’s about it though…and totally understandable considering how precise of a tool this is and how many hardware revisions there are.  It’s hard to make things in the retro scene work with everything, but these issues really are odd (except the reset thing, that’s basic).

Anyway, here’s a 1-min video of it in action that should show you all you need!:

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