RetroTINK 5x Firmware v2.70

Mike Chi has just released a firmware update for the RetroTINK 5x that combines all the beta’s he’s been adding to the discord since the previous (massive) v2.0 update.  All the experimental, “not officially supported” features are there, you just need to enable them in the OSD menu.  More info below the links, but the video above shows you how to update your RT5x via Windows and the video below shows it on a Mac.  Please note that firmware updates erase saved profiles and reset the device to default settings:

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For the past few months, Mike’s been releasing “experimental beta’s” to anyone willing to join the (free) Discord server.  These updates contained features that would never be 100% guaranteed to work properly, but were still an awesome addition that most people could take advantage of.  This posed an interesting question though:  How should these potentially unreliable features be added to a device that’s known for being one of the easiest and most reliable scalers out there?  I think Mike nailed it…

After loading the latest firmware, the on-screen menu shows the same features as the previous 2.0 release.  All of these features are supported, reliable and what most users will need.  BUT, head to “OSD” and you’ll find the toggle to enable the experimental modes.  You’re warned that the modes are experimental and unsupported…

…and then when you head to the Output menu, you’ll see all the new Output Resolution options available!  We’ve been covering each of these modes as they released on the Discord channel and there’s a new 1536p mode I just featured on a recent video, but here’s the full list of changes since the last official release:

  • Advanced resolutions: 1440p, 4K24, 1536p are hidden by default. Go to [OSD] -> Advanced Res option to enable them.
  • New experimental high resolution modes added:
    • 2560 x 1440 wide screen 1440p for broader compatibility with TVs that will not accept 1920 x 1440.
    • 2048 x 1536 (“iPad”).
    • 4K24 (for 60 Hz sources) and 4K25 (for 50 Hz) sources. Frame lock on for 60 Hz sources changes to 4K30.
    • These modes are considered experimental and provided without support or guarantees.
  • New 1080p (Min-Lag) mode operates the RT5X as a line doubler to achieve ~1 ms when frame lock is turned on for 240p, 480i and 480p sources.
  • 720p source can be scaled to 1920 x 1440 or 2560 x 1440.
  • 240p and 540p modes have been removed to save space.
  • “Pre-scaler” option in the [Interp./Deint.] menu to convert 480p and 720p sources to 240p, before re-upscaling.
  • Optimal timings re-enabled for composite and S-video sources.
  • Option to enable optimal timings for interlaced sources.
  • Hi-Res 512 and 858 optimal timing modes added.
  • “Pre-emph” filter now goes down to -5.
  • Option to load profile on power up in the [OSD] -> Startup Profile option.
  • Press and hold remote control button to keep incrementing/decrementing option.
  • Press “back” button 6 times rapidly to load default profile.
  • Variety of bug and crop fixes.

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