RetroTINK 5x ADC Tutorial

Wobbling Pixels recently posted another awesome tutorial for the RetroTINK 5x, this time showing how to calibrate the Analog to Digital (ADC) settings.  Please remember, no two analog video consoles will ever be exactly alike and it’s common you’ll see two of the same model outputting slightly different on each of the RGB color levels.  While you never need to do stuff like this with a RetroTINK product, if you’re the type to try and squeeze the best possible signal from your consoles, this will be a massive help.

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A few notes:

  • Do NOT copy the numbers from the video to your Retrotink 5x! The numbers are unique depending on YOUR console hardware and setup. You have to follow the tutorial!
  • The guide is for Ypbpr (Component) and RGB cables. Not S-Video or Composite cables!
  • Read all the requirements and pre-calibration steps before starting to calibrate!

WP links to everything else you’d need in the description, including test patterns.  I’s just like to add a quick tip:  There’s nothing wrong with levels being a tiny bit too dim (especially if you’re gaming in a dark room), but as soon as you go too bright, you start to wash out details.  If you can’t quite get it perfect, a hair too dim is always a safer bet.

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