RetroBit Big 6 Genesis Controller

Retro-Bit Gaming has just released an odd line of Genesis-style controllers:  A six-button controller, in the shape of an original Genesis 3-button controller.  They have wired versions for both USB and original consoles, as well as a wireless version.  Based on lag testing of their previous controller designs, the wireless will have over a frame of lag and USB could have between 1 and 6ms of lag (let’s hope they used the faster USB design for this one).  Links and more info below:

Big6 USB:
Big6 Genesis:
Big6 Wireless:

While I’m normally really enthusiastic about anything related to the Genesis 3-button controller, check out the odd placement of the Start button…am I going to hit that by accident every time I go for X or Y???  Hopefully Retro-Bit had some large-handed people testing it:

Also, this type of design was done before in the 90’s, with an official Sega design (click for full-sized view).  While it’s the same MK-1470 product designation as the standard Genesis 6-button controller, it’s in a 3-button-style shell.  And it was okay;  It was smaller than an original 3-button, making it less comfortable to hit all the buttons.  I own the one pictured here and never really use it.  I was excited when I saw it in a store, but really just bought it as a neat thing to add to my collection.

So, of course I’ll still be buying the USB Retro-Bit one, both to lag test and try out.  And I hope that the larger size will make it more comfortable than the official Sega one.  Either way, I’ll probably be sticking with my standard 3-button controller on all Genesis and SMS games, unless 6-buttons are required for gameplay.

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