Retro Fighters Wireless Xbox Controller

Retro Fighters have just announced a new wireless controller for the original Xbox, they’re calling the “Hunter”.  It uses 2.4GHz RF wireless technology and is compatible with the original Xbox (not 360), Switch (in docked mode) & PC.  Both transparent green and black versions are available for about $45 plus shipping and is expected to ship in October of this year.  Pre-orders are available at the following stores, until April 1st:

CastleMania Games
Stone Age Gamer

Here’s the current published specs, with performance that’s boasting a 10-hour battery life.  Hopefully a reviewer will get one soon for lag testing:

  •  2.4 GHz wireless technology, low latency
  •  Compatible with original Xbox (not 360), Switch (in docked mode) & PC
  •  Hall Effect analog sticks – No drift, ever
  •  Precision Hall Effect Analog Triggers
  •  Pressure sensitive buttons
  •  Next-Gen ergonomic shape and design
  •  Wireless rumble capability
  •  Added white and black shoulder buttons
  •  Precise and accurate D-pad
  •  Easy sync and setup
  •  Premium textured grips
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