Retro Fighters Wireless PlayStation 1/2 Controller

Retro Fighters has launched a Kickstarter for a new wireless controller that will work with original PlayStation 1 and 2 consoles.  The slightly discounted pre-order price is $34 (MSRP is $40) and shipping to the US was listed at $7.  They’re scheduled to ship in January and are available in Classic Grey, Black, Transparent Green and Transparent Blue.

Kickstarter link:

Retro Fighters lists the controller as having “2.4 Ghz wireless technology”, which I’m interpreting as “RF wireless”, not “bluetooth wireless”.  They’re also claiming a 10 hour battery life and a wireless range of 30 feet, but I imagine that’s a pretty conservative distance rating, just to cover people who live in areas with lots of wireless interference.

I’m interested to see people’s feedback about this controller, versus the original PS1 & 2 controllers;  You can take a PlayStation gamer from any generation, hand them a PS controller from any other generation and there’s immediate familiarity.  Of course the modern PS5 version is a far evolution from the original, it’s still a comfortable and familiar feel.  I’m wondering if switching to something very different like this will be a turn-off to hardcore PlayStation fans.  Either way, it looks cool and I’m always happy to see options!

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