Reprogramming Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for NES – Behind the Code

A friend of mine rented Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it was new, and we gave it a try. It was certainly different than any of the other games we had played on the NES.

Try playing Contra or Punch-Out and then switching over to a game that demands patience like this one does.

The Internet has seen this once forgettable title rise to new levels of infamy, so how about we pick it apart and see how the implementation of this game’s concept could have been tweaked in multiple ways in order to make it more fun to play?

Just how large IS the bomb’s explosion? Can we change it? Can we alter the damage from it? Is there a pattern to the spiders moving up and down? How does RNG work? Can Jekyll walk any faster? (Oh… just wait!)

Time to dissect this one. There is so much code in this episode, it might just drive you insane! New Behind the Code.

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