Redguy SA-1 Update v03

Redguy has made his SA-1 SD2SNES Update v03 public. Some of use have been compiling the pre-release commits for it and the results are stellar. Performance has been improved, it now supports 100% of SA-1 titles (including hacks, demos, etc), and glitches reported in a few games on the SA-1 Github issues tracker are now resolved (Marvelous, etc). Redguy has been hashing out the coding details publicly with Ikari in the Classic Gaming Discord Channel.

It was recently revealed that Pachi-Slot Monogatari is actually an SA-1 game, and it now works as well. For decades it was understood to be a typical LoROM game, but it actually has an SA-1 chip (minus the RAM) on the PCB.

More info on the SD2SNES!:


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