Purple SNES Clear Shells In Production


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UPDATE 09/27:  I just did a livestream with a pre-production purple shell and was really impressed!  I think it might be my favorite choice for the SNES!  Check it out below, along with the whitebox shots I took afterwards (above and below) for more details…and once again, this is a pre-production unit – The scratches won’t be there on the production versions.

Retro Game Restore has just officially confirmed they’ll be making “Atomic Purple” versions of their transparent SNES shells, which are due to ship by the end of this year.  Pre-orders are now available from CastleMania Games for all three color choices – Just choose between clear, smoke clear and purple from the drop-down menu.  CastleMania also carries the other RGR shells, so here’s the links to all of them:

SNES Transparent Shells:
Super Famicom w/ SNES cartridge option:
Genesis / Mega Drive Shells:
Famicom Clear Top:
NES Clear Shell:
PC Engine Clear / Smoke:
PC Engine Controller Clear / Smoke:
Main Page:

If you’d like to see the very high quality of the SNES replacement shells, check out this livestream I did awhile back.  While yes, these aren’t cheap, you absolutely get what you pay for!  If your SNES is yellowed and cracked, this is an amazing way to breathe new life into it!

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