Rany Battikh

PSIO Firmware update (November 2019)

Cybdyn just released a firmware update for their Playsation ODE, the PSIO.

Earlier this year, while trying to address some persisting issues with the device, the team behind the PSIO released a series of firmware updates that, in its turn, created a whole slew of problems, breaking a few games compatibility in its way.

The new 2.6.10 update brings fixes to most of the bugs/issues that PSIO users have been facing for a while now.

Here’s a full list of what have been fixed/restored:

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a sector overflow issue which would trigger when multiples of three items in total on the SD Card were present.
  • [Improvement] Holding “Right” on the left analog stick (whilst in analog mode) will now make ellipsis strings scroll.
  • PlayStation interrupt timing adjustments.
  •  Command chain handler overhauled.
  • Stereo XA channels, ATV null and ATV mono channel support improved.
  • Seek calculation adjustments.
  •  “Resident Evil 2 & 3” fixed.
  • “X-Multiply” fixed.
  •  “Blazing Dragons” fixed.
  • “Crusaders of Might and Magic” fixed.
  •  “Harmful Park” fixed.
  •  “Legend of Legaia” fixed.
  •  “WipEout” fixed.
  •  “Gran Turismo 2” fixed.
  • “Final Fantasy VII (7)” fixed.

Is it finally safe to update our PSIOs? Well I did test a few games on the new firmware and everything seems to be working great. “Theme Park”, for example, used to freeze randomly while running under the previous version; an issue that I haven’t encountered after the newest update.

There is no doubt that Cybdyn are hard at work at improving the PSIO‘s compatibility, hoping to reach higher achievements in the near future.

Firmware update release info: https://www.cybdyn-systems.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=2006